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How do I sell ETFs online?

Log in to Davy Select and go to the Trading section

If you have any problems logging into the site, please read How do I log in.

When you click on the trading tab, the Trade Shares page is displayed. Click on Trade ETFs in the navigation to open the Trade ETFs page.

Check that the Trade Type is set to "Sell"


Select the ETF you want to sell from the drop down menu or the My ETF Holdings list

ETFs that you hold shares in are listed in the ETF Name drop down menu. Simply select the ETF that you wish to sell.

The ETFs that you currently hold are also listed on the right hand side of the trading screen in the section titled "My ETF Holdings". Double click on the ETF name in this list. This will enter the name into the ETF Name field.

Once you have selected your ETF, the Indicative Price and the Currency are displayed

The indicative price is an initial estimate of the price based on the last recorded trading price of the ETF. This is provided for information purposes only, as the reporting of market prices is delayed by 20 minutes. This price is not guaranteed, and the quote that you receive for the ETFs will probably differ from the indicative price.

The currency that the ETF is traded in is displayed beside the Indicative Price, and beside the price that you will set for the ETF.

The number of units available for you to sell is displayed in the Quantity field

If you want to sell your full holding of the selected ETF, do not edit this number.

If you want to sell only a portion of your holding of this ETF, enter the number of units that you want to sell.

You must place a limit order to sell an ETF

A Limit Order means that when you place an order, you set the lowest price that you are willing to take for the ETF at this time. You must set a time limit on the order, known as the duration.

Your duration choices are:

  • Good for Today only”:  your order expires once the Market closes. If you input the order after market close for the relevant Exchange, the order will be treated as Good for Next day and will expire when the market closes the next day.
  • Good until Friday week”: If you input your order 'Good until Friday week', your order expires Friday of the following week.

To place a limit order:

  • Enter the lowest price you are willing to take for the ETF at this time.
  • Enter the number of shares that you would like to sell.
  • Choose your duration.
  • Choose your settlement currency.
  • Click Calculator to see a breakdown of the charges on the trade.

Settlement Currency

The currency that you wish to receive payment in.


Using the Calculator allows you to see how much each trade will cost or recoup for you. It gives you a breakdown of the charges on the trade in both the settlement currency and the transaction currency. The settlement currency figures are an estimate, as a currency deal may be required.

If you are happy to proceed with the trade, click on Preview Order to review the details of your order before placing it.

Preview Order

On the Preview Order page you can review the details of your order.

  • If you are happy with the order and want to proceed, click Place Order.

  • If you would like to change the details of your order, click Edit Order to return to the Trade Shares screen and change your order

  • If you have changed your mind and do not want to complete the trade, click Cancel Order.

Order on the market

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation message on screen:

The details of the order are displayed on the screen. You can choose to check the status of your order by clicking on View Order Status. This will bring you to the Open Orders page, where all your current open orders are displayed. 

Open orders are those currently working in the market and which have yet to be dealt in the market. Open orders can be valid for up to 14 days inclusive of weekends. Open orders include those partially executed where the order is partially dealt but not completely executed, or the order can be partially executed but where the remainder of the order is pending cancellation.

Open orders also include frozen and rejected orders. Frozen orders are orders that have encountered a problem at the exchange, and you will need to contact the Davy Select Dealing Desk on 01 614 8900. A rejected order is one where the market has not been able to execute the order at a price equal to or better than the limit that you set.

You may request cancellation of unexecuted and partially executed orders and we will try to act on your request. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to cancel any order, as it can depend on the status of the order in the market.

Confirmation of Trade

When your order has been successfully executed, a confirmation email will be sent to the address registered to your account. These emails are also saved in your Davy Select Inbox.